Shelves out of a sculling boat…

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Boat shelves!




A shelf unit carefully made from a repurposed single scull bow section.

“Dimple” was a restricted single scull built 40+ years ago for the teaching of novices to the sport of rowing and for their first races. Her class was characterised by a wider mid section and an external keel for added stability, recalling the earlier, but heavier clinker built boats. After years of repairs the original glue on all the ribs had finally degraded to the point of a full rebuild being required rather than just running repair. With modern boats being racing shells fitted with outboard floats for novices to learn with she was both unused, not needed in a modern club fleet and needing a lot of work to return her to the water. She now has a new life as items of furniture that will be as loved as when she raced in her heyday.

Available at Handmade Design, Ashbourne, or contact me directly for other bespoke designs.

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